O U R  W O R K

McDougall Marketing Communications is very fortunate to work with a portfolio of innovative and valued clients. Our success over 30 years in business has been to develop long term client relationships and help them penetrate into new and existing markets. They appreciate our attractive economics and the ability to work within their budgets.

Feel free to review a sampling of our work below:


InSight: Brochure / folder / insert InSight: Billboard Campaign
Brochure / folder / insert
Billboard Campaign
Brookhaven: Marketing Folder/Inserts
TV Commercial
Marketing Folder/Inserts
Ohio Eastern Star Home: Marketing Folder/Inserts Ohio Eastern Star Home: Capital Campaign
Ohio Eastern Star Home
Marketing Folder/Inserts
Ohio Eastern Star Home
Capital Campaign
Ohio Eastern Star Home: Publications Buckingham Financial Group: Folders and Inserts Sperry Van Ness: Newsletter
Ohio Eastern Star Home
Buckingham Financial Group
Folders and Inserts
Sperry Van Ness
Interstate Executive Center: New Brand and Collateral Material WiBN: Re-Brand and Brochures HCS: Branding and Marketing
Interstate Executive Center
New Brand and Collateral Material
Re-Brand and Brochures
Branding and Marketing
Miami University: Folder Forget Me Not Challenge: Non-profit fundraiser campaign
Miami University
Forget Me Not Challenge
Non-profit fundraiser campaign
Cottages of Clayton: Brochures and Folder Brookberry Café: Newspaper Ad
Cottages of Clayton
Brochures and Folder
Brookberry Café
Newspaper Ad
Springfield Masonic Community Sales Brochure Packet Masonic Annual Report
Springfield Masonic Community
Sales Brochure Packet
Ohio Masonic Home
Annual Report
Atrium Medical Center Updates Atrium Guide
Atrium Medical Center
New Construction – Community
Updates & Recruiting
Masonic Publications Atrium Medical Center
Open House Brochure
Calvary Cemetery Weprin Ad MCA Corporate
Calvary Cemetery Ad
Weprin Realty Ad
Middletown Cardiovascular Associates
Corporate Branding
Atrium Golf Poster McCullough Hyde Community Hospital Villas at Woodson Bend
Atrium Medical Center Foundation Benefit Event McCullough Hyde
Community Hospital

New Identity and Service Line Branding
The Villas at Woodson Bend
New Identity Campaign –
Sales Collateral Folder


Whitworth Bus Sales, Inc. Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio City of Centerville (Ohio) Paragon Health Institute, LLC
Whitworth Bus Sales, Inc.
New Identity Campaign
Sales Brochure
Volunteers of America
Greater Ohio
Annual Report
City of Centerville (Ohio)
Citizens Guide to
Zoning Regulations
Health Institute, LLC

“Benefits” Sales Card
Mercer Health Community Image Mailer
Mercer Health
Community Image Mailer
RG Properties
I-75/Austin Road
Opportunites Brochure
“Like Stars Appearing”
Text book designed and produced
for St George Episcopal Church
Rixan Robotics Winer & Bevilacqua, Inc. CPA’s
Rixan Robotics
B2B Image Folder/Product Literature
Winer & Bevilacqua, Inc. CPA’s
New Image – Capabilities and Sales Folders
EFA Publishing, Inc. Baseball TIVY Gameboards
EFA Publishing, Inc.
Textbook Cover Designs
Pop-Up Merchandising Display Systems
Baseball TIVY Gameboards
Image, Design, Production Services including Web
Trash Receptacle Advertising/Image Systems
Pop-Up Merchandising Display Systems
Table Tops, Kiosks & Banner Stands

Trash Receptacle Advertising/Image Systems



Heartland Federal Credit Union
Table-top display

Eastern Star Display
Ohio Eastern Star Home Display

Table-top display and brochure
Standard RegisterStandard Register
Corporate Sales Event marketing support
BillboardThe Villas at Woodson Bend Billboard Campaign


RG Properties   radio commercial 1  radio commercial 2  radio commercial 3

Click on the icon to hear radio spot.
RG Properties/Walmart voting referendum